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As the tobacco industry prepares its next marketing campaign aimed at the youth of North America, it is time to plan our ATTACK against it. The tobacco industry has already made it quite clear that their next plan of action is to work towards trying to appeal to the next generation of smokers. In other words, the youth of today is the next line of “consumers” for the tobacco industry and they are ready to start marketing towards that group.

In order to offset this aggressive campaign the STAND project of BREATHE California launched ATTACK.

Initiated in 2007, ATTACK was a project from the Public Health Trust, a program of the Public Health Institute. The mission of this project is to counterbalance the damage the tobacco industry’s campaign could cause to the 18-25 year old age group by being informed.

In addition to gathering information, the ATTACK project also aims to provide educational materials, develop campaign strategies, use research and evaluation resources and even use tools like the electronic cigarette review resource to demonstrate devices some people prefer over tobacco.

The bottom line is that ATTACK intends to gather and share collected knowledge, reviews and resources to help combat the threat of the tobacco industry’s campaign. 

The Damage it Does

As you can learn at the American Lung Association, the main reason the potential threat is so damaging from the tobacco industry on the youth today is the underlying intentions. While many young people from high school to college age try smoking, the tobacco industry wants to see a bigger commitment. The campaign’s focus is to convert occasional or experimental smokers into committed smokers. The end result enables each converted smoker to be a long term smoker and therefore consumer.

In fact, presently the tobacco industry spends over $15 billion annually for its campaign to try to entice young smokers to become regular users. ATTACK is one of the only projects of its kind to try to battle the potential effects of this type of multi-million dollar campaign. It is important for those who are interested to find out more and make a commitment to not be swayed by big budget marketing campaigns geared towards the 18-25 year old market. Reading electronic cigarette reviews can also help enlighten people on the options they have.

What You Will Find Here 

The website for ATTACK is meant to be a useful source for anyone wishing to learn about or get involved in the fight against the tobacco industry. Sometimes merely taking a stand can seem overwhelming. Knowing there is a place to come to so you can stay connected and never be alone is a valuable resource. Take a tour of the site and find out just how many useful resources there are here for you to help plan your ATTACK.

Here you can learn more about the project, the mission, goals and plans in place to help make the ATTACK a success. In addition, you can also use the ATTACK toolkit or learn about many of the important issues and facts about today’s aggressive tobacco campaign aimed at the youth of today. It is important to be informed and have knowledge when it comes to getting actively involved in a project like this.

About the ATTACK Community 

Another resource you will find useful here is the “Community” page. Become a member and login to get actively involved. Here you will be able to,

  • ⎫ Connect, collaborate, organize, track and get motivated or help motivate others
  • ⎫ Share ideas and information with other like-minded and inspired individuals
  • ⎫ Get actively involved with other youth activists, coordinators and volunteers working to help bring change to the ATTACK and similar campaigns.

The community for the ATTACK project website enables users to link with other people who have resources, strategies to reach desired outcomes for the project. Ultimately, for those who are ready to take a stand you can find a way to connect with others so that each of us never has to stand-alone. Let’s work together to create an improved living and breathing movement. 

Get Involved 

A project like ATTACK can only continue to work and grow stronger with more force behind it. Take this time to tour the website but then take a moment to join the movement. By using your email address, you can apply today to help get involved. Imagine how much stronger the ATTACK movement can be if each person who felt strongly about it actually got proactive about their involvement.

By joining, you can stay informed about new data and developments surrounding the tobacco industry marketing campaign and the ATTACK counter project efforts. The bottom line is that this is an issue that affects all of us. From the quality of the air we breathe to the financial impact the health related issues that stem from smoking takes on the national healthcare budget, we are all involved. So, you are either with the tobacco industry or on the ATTACK.

Get Started Today 

Another useful resource you will find as part of the ATTACK project website is the valuable “Links” section. This is one of the best approaches to take to find so many other ways to connect to data and other organizations that are all part of helping making an important change. Find out so much more than you ever thought possible about the facts you need to know and the others involved you need to be meeting.

If you are already browsing the ATTACK website you are obviously already concerned with the potential threat the tobacco industry poses on the youth of today, as well as the side effects this type of campaign has on us all. Once you begin to realize how many valuable resources there are and how many other people are actively involved in trying to make a change you can’t help to be motivated to get actively involved.

Don’t wait for change to happen, be an important part of making it happen. You can start today by becoming a member of ATTACK and helping to work for change.

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